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Yiting Zheng

Yiting Zheng
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Yanlin Zeng
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Xinlan Zhou
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Zihan Qiu
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About Emirates

Korean Air, founded in 1969, is one of South Korea's national flag carriers and the country's largest airline. It offers domestic and international flights to multiple destinations in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Korean Air is known for its high quality customer service and safety record. In addition, it is a member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance that aims to provide a broader flight network and better customer service.



In the Product Interaction and Context Design course, we aim to explore areas where Korean Air can improve the passenger experience and provide new and more thoughtful service and product design for Korean Air passengers.


User Portrait

Anna Christie
Basic information: I am not good at airsickness, and I need to take my 1-year-old child and bird abroad.
The study subjects included airsickness patients, new mothers, people interested in recreational activities, and parents who raised pets.

Her pain points:
1. Lack of experience in long-distance flights with children. 2. There is no bird box specifically designed for Dahang Airlines. 3. The plane is bumpy, and water keeps splashing, wetting clothes. 4. Forgot to bring medication, so airsickness and other situations cannot be resolved. 5. The entertainment facilities on airplanes are old and the experience is poor. Long distance flights are very boring.

Travel origin and flight information
Date: December 22
Flight:A380-800(Airbus 380)
Departure Time: 2:30 p.m.
Arrival time: 8:30 am the next morning

Route: Seoul -- Los Angeles
Duration: 11 hours

Story background: A newly crowned treasure mom, carrying her young child and her beloved pet, took the flight from Seoul to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with her family in the United States.


After the above background research, we choose to explore the following four directions in depth.

Pet bird kennel These lightweight, compact bird cages are designed to enhance the travel experience for passengers carrying pet birds. They feature a comfortable, bird-friendly interior space and a secure locking mechanism. The cages also come with a ventilation system to ensure a stress-free journey for both pet and owner.

Game controllers These game controllers are designed for in-flight entertainment and are ergonomically designed to provide comfort during long flights. They are compatible with Korean Air's in-flight entertainment system and offer intuitive controls and wireless connectivity to enhance the overall passenger experience.

medical box More comprehensively updated, these kits include basic over-the-counter medications and first aid items. They are designed with clear, multilingual instructions that both crew and passengers can easily use, ensuring a safer and more prepared environment on board.

Vomit bag These have been redesigned with a user-friendly approach. They are made from biodegradable materials, have wider openings, secure seals and carefully neutral scent designs. The exterior of the bags is soothing colors and calming patterns that help to reduce discomfort for passengers.


Pet bird kennel

Product definitionMake for Korean Air's pet birds in the cabin, the functional dimensions are perfectly adapted to practical applications.

Input content

Based on Korean Air's shipping dimensions and related policies, provide me with relevant ideas and integrate to generate a photo of a birdcage. (Due to ChatGPT's network access restrictions, ChatGPT has voluntarily provided relevant data for it.)

output content

  1. transparent or translucent sidewalls Provides protection and anxiety relief
  2. Ventilation design Provide enough fresh air for the birds
  3. Safety latches and sturdy construction Make sure the cage door has a secure lock to prevent accidental opening
  4. Easy to carry The conveniently designed handle makes it easy to carry on the go


Sketches & References.




Presentation of the design process

Final effect (ideal effect rendering, physical shooting)


Erudite teachers, enriching experience, enjoyable lessons! It was a rich class where I learned practical knowledge about products, photography, blog editing, etc., and I was very happy to have such a great experience.

Xinlan Zhou

Handle remote control.

Product definition

Aircraft remote control handle designed for passengers to solve the problem of boredom on long flights.

Input content

Guide GPT to perceive the difference and functional characteristics between the handle remote control and the ordinary remote control, so that it can analyze the pain points and the entry point of design.

output content

  1. Ergonomic design, using small volume, lightweight materials To accommodate the natural curvature of the palm and for use in tight seating Spaces.
  2. Intuitive, easy-to-use key layout Put keys for common functions in easily accessible locations.
  3. versatility In addition to the basic TV remote control function, other functions can also be integrated.
  4. Durability and easy cleaning Because the equipment inside the aircraft needs to be used and cleaned frequently.

Chat-generated images

Finally, we decided to make modifications on the basis of the fifth edition. The three reference pictures on the left are Korean Air logo, the fifth edition picture generated by GPT, and the first draft.

The modifications are as follows:

  1. The outer shape of the handle is changed into a quasi-Tai Chi type, inspired and referred to by the logo of Korean Air.
  2. Reduce the number of buttons to only the necessary functions.
  3. Modified some unreasonable places of AI-generated pictures, so as to facilitate subsequent modeling.

Presentation of the design process

Final effect (ideal effect rendering, physical shooting)



Zihan Qiu

Emergency medical kit

Product definition

A medical kit designed for users to solve unexpected situations such as airsickness and accidental burns.

Output Content

  1. Each cubicle contains different drugs according to their specific effects and functions.According to the specific efficacy and function, each cell contains different drugs.
  2. Multi-functional emergency medical kit.Include a variety of medicines to deal with various emergencies on the plane.

Instruction Making and Finished Product

I collected a large amount of drug information and organized them into an instruction manual.

In the first version, I put all the information together, but the information was too stacked and difficult to find. So I made another version of the manual to make the information look more concise and easy to find.

Sketching Changes and Display

Production Process

Final effect (ideal effect rendering, physical shooting)



Yiting Zheng

Vomit bag

Product definition

A sick bag for airsick passengers, with simple cleaning tools such as wet wipes built in to deal with spilled water and drinks caused by turbulence.

Output Content

  1. Waterproof material production
  2. Portable cleaning tools
  3. Conspicuous and convenient

Sketching Changes and Display

Changes and demonstration of handle design sketches

Final Draft Presentation

Evolution of paper mold

Production Process

  1. This recipe is mainly made of gelatin, water, gelatin tablets, glycerin, saline, peppermint extract and food coloring.
  2. Mix 1:7 water and heat on low heat until thick. Leave for 30-50 seconds, then add other ingredients and continue to simmer.
  3. spray a layer of saline solution on the mold, cool the material for about 10s and then pour it into the mold, gently shake the mold to make it even, and eliminate bubbles at the same time.
  4. After standing in the sun for about 5 days, the mold is removed.



In this course, the teaching system that is different from traditional courses has broadened my horizons and made me realize new thinking such as "it can be done in this way" and "there are these design tools". This course has brought me a new learning experience, which is a very meaningful learning experience.

Yanlin Zeng

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feedback and some idea for “bird cage of Korean Air” project.

If bird weighs less than 9kg, passenger can bring it with bird on the plane. But must be the bird cage under the front seat, not on the seat or shelf. So usually use a soft cage that flexible fits under the seat, but seems this cage is small, it should be okay.
And If we want to check our bird during the flight while it’s under the front seat, we usually have to lift the birdcage to eyes. Is there an easier way to do this? Maybe if the door was on the upper position, it‘d be easier to check the bird.

For colors, airlines follow strict safety rules. For example, emergency medical kits are marked with red because they’re important in emergencies. So, it‘s a good idea to think carefully about using bright colors or shiny materials on plane products. Even though Korean Air logo is red and blue, the planes mostly use white and sky blue colors. So, using white floors, sky blue covers, and a logo with red and blue might suit Korean Air better.

So far, This idea sounds cool. I wonder if there are cases for other animals on planes too 🙂


Thank you Randy, I’m the student who designed the bird cage. Your advice has greatly influenced my perspective on thinking about design in the future.

Thank you, Randy. I am the student who designed birdcage. Your advice has greatly influenced my perspective on thinking about design in the future.


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