2024 AI设计大师邀请赛

This Masters competition was held in Sanhe University and gathered top design masters from different eras around the world as judges. We aim to attract art, design and creative talent from universities around the world, showcase their outstanding work and provide a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) innovation in art and design. Whether it is a personal creation or a recommendation of others, whether it is traditional or digital art, we warmly welcome your participation.


Ultra-concise Competition Introduction

AI Design Master Invitational Competition is a design competition in which AI restores historical design masters as judges.

Ultra-clear Schedule Time

  • Registration period: April 1, 2024 - June 1, 2024;
  • Master review: 24 hours non-stop according to the procedure;
  • Results announced: August 18, 2024.

Ultra-clear Object-Oriented

  • International university students

Ultra-open Submission Range

  • Product Design
  • You can deliver your own product design works, you can also recommend the delivery of others' works, you can also enthusiastically help others to deliver, if you help others to deliver you need to write other people's information.

Ultra-specific Entry Requirements

  • Entries are in the field of product design.
  • It can be created by an individual, it can be a team effort, and it can be generated by AI.
  • Participants may submit their own works or recommend others' works.
  • Format requirement
    • Picture: The size is 1920×1080 pixels, the picture can not contain any text (please do not put the name of the work, the introduction of the work in the picture).
    • Text: In the submission channel, you can fill in the text description in the corresponding field.
  • Registration method
    • Scan the QR code or click the "Work delivery" button on this page to fill in.

Ultra-strict Scoring Criteria

  • This evaluation is divided into two scores. After the first initial evaluation, the master with the highest score will debate and exchange opinions with the master with the lowest score and score twice. Select disclosures will be made during the debate. And the master designated by the contestants will synthesize the opinions of all tutors and give comments.
  • Designated Master rating (50%) : (Main judge)
    • Each participant has the right to designate a master they admire for scoring, and the score from this chosen master will account for half of the total score. This admired master will score based on their professional knowledge, experience, and unique insights into the participants' works. They might even passionately debate and argue with other teachers if there are disagreements about the participant's work.
  • Ratings by other masters (50%) :
    • In addition to the heart instrument masters, we also invited nine other masters with expertise and experience in related fields to perform the rating, whose rating accounted for the remaining half. The nine masters will rate the entries based on their own professional judgment and criteria.
  •  Score synthesis:
    • After the scores of Master Xinyi and other masters, we will comprehensively calculate the scores of each score to determine the final ranking and winner.
    • Each master will be graded according to the following criteria:
      • Innovation (20%)
      • Quality (20%)
      • Social responsibility (20%)
      • Understandability (20%)
      • Contemporary (20%)

Ultra-powerful Organizational Structure

Sponsor:École des Beaux-Arts / Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture / Académie Royale / Imperial Academy of Arts / Staatliches Bauhaus / Miclance study laboratory / Central-South Art Vocational Schoo / Hangzhou National Art Academy / Wuxi Institute of Light Industr / Central Academy of Arts and Crafts

Host:Shanhe University

Ultra-popular Judge Master

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