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About Emirates

Singapore Changi Airport is one of Singapore’s major international airports, receiving millions of passengers annually. It is a world-class airport known for its efficient and ultimate services, and has won various international aviation service awards multiple times, demonstrating its outstanding performance in the global aviation industry. It is also an important intersection connecting the eastern and western hemispheres, serving as a major hub for multiple major airlines and conducting extensive international flight operations. In 2019, Singapore Changi Airport handled over 68 million passengers, demonstrating strong capabilities in handling large-scale international passenger traffic.

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Changi Airport, as an international airport, has a rich collection of duty-free shopping shops. As Changi Airport is an important transportation hub, it needs to provide the highest quality services for various passengers, including special groups, families with infants, etc.


Name: Li Xiaomei
Age: 28 years old
Basic situation: I often go on vacation with my husband and children, passing through Singapore Changi Airport to enjoy leisure time.
Keywords: young mother, easy to travel, enthusiast of duty-free shops.
Pain point: Want to shop in the airport duty-free shop easily, not bound.

Name: Zhang Daming
Age: 33 years old
Basic information: Suffering from coronary heart disease, on vacation with wife and children, passing through Singapore Changi Airport.
Keywords: special groups, family tourism, safety assurance.
Pain point: Airports may lack timely assistance for emergency medical care.

Name: Zhang Xiaoming
Age: 6 months
Basic situation: Lack of self-care ability and requires caregivers to take care of.
Pain point: I hope to receive better care and attention.

Flight information

November 21st is Xiaomei’s mother’s birthday. Xiaomei and Daming have decided to take their daughter to Hong Kong before November 20th to celebrate Xiaomei’s mother’s birthday the next day. Considering Daming’s physical condition, Xiaomei’s love for shopping, and the need to take care of her young daughter, we have chosen a more comfortable travel time, which is the flight from Singapore to Hong Kong from 6:55 pm to 10:45 pm.


In order to further enhance the excellent service level, we have designed a series of innovative product designs for Changi Airport in Singapore.
Intelligent followerhelps passengers carry their luggage, freeing up their hands and enhancing a relaxed shopping experience.
The special group navigation braceletprovides more caring services for passengers with special needs through intelligent technology.
The flight baby air cushion bedaims to provide a safer and more comfortable resting environment for mothers and infants.
These innovative product designs further demonstrate the leading position of Singapore Changi Airport in the global aviation industry, providing passengers with more excellent and thoughtful services.


Intelligent follower

Background check: Singapore Changi Airport is famous for its high-quality service and rich duty-free shopping stores, and a large number of tourists choose to reserve time here to experience and shop in depth. However, Singapore Changi Airport duty-free shops are concentrated in Terminal T1-T2-T3, with a large coverage area. To avoid high luggage storage costs, passengers usually choose to carry their luggage with them for shopping. Singapore Changi Airport, as a world-class airport, has a large and complex terminal building, making it time-consuming for tourists to travel within the airport, especially between shopping areas and duty-free shops. Tourists have a strong desire to shop at the airport, but carrying shopping bags and suitcases may significantly increase the inconvenience and fatigue of travel.

Presentation of the design process


The thinking process from divergence to focus

Three major rounds of inquiry were conducted with the GPT to conduct subjective judgments and screening of the generated solutions based on the actual situation of Changi Airport. Combined with the characteristics of Changi Airport, the GPT was guided to generate an “intelligent follower” solution.


Attempting in multiple directions, generating and reproducing images

Half wrapped frame style – box style – half wrapped box style

1.Model iteration: Attempt surface modeling, while scrutinizing the shape, and determining the functionality of the intelligent tracker. This further confirms that the product usage scenario is for passengers who have already checked in and only carry a 20 inch suitcase, and the size of the intelligent tracker supports carrying a 20 inch suitcase.
2.Printing+polishing: The first time I came into contact with 3D printing, there were no reserved installation holes, which resulted in several rework attempts but still failed to achieve effective installation; Adjust the printing ratio several times before it is fully adjusted; When modeling, small gaps were not considered to affect printing; The model waste was not completely deleted.
3.Water and soil filling: Further treat the surface of the model to fill the depression. However, due to lack of experience, I bought less water and soil, resulting in uneven spraying.
4.Spray painting: The spray painting location was chosen on the rooftop, and the wind was strong, making the spray painting process very bumpy. Repeated rework resulted in thick paint and multiple defects.
5.Gloss: Easy to accumulate liquid, absorb color, and difficult to air dry, leaving fingerprints easily.
6.Assembly: The initial hole position was not designed properly, making it more difficult to install after spraying paint. In the middle, 502 was chosen for pasting, but due to the slope, 502 slipped and burned the paint on the other surfaces.


Photography has more details and is more realistic, but there are many flaws that are difficult to handle; Rendering is more idealized and easy to manipulate, but lacks realism. The lighting in photography and rendering is different. When rendering, try to restore the lighting in photography as much as possible, and finally achieve the desired effect through Photoshop. The perspective angles of the two are also different, which may be due to the distortion caused by the lens being close in order to capture clarity during photography?

The black, white, and gray color scheme is suitable for the airport environment. Supports storing 20 inch boarding suitcases, with anti slip protrusions made of silicone inside. The luggage is lifted and fixed to prevent size errors that may cause the bottom rollers of the luggage to rotate and collide with the accompanying device, improving stability. Both front, back, left, and right are designed with sensors for following and intelligent obstacle avoidance. Pair the identity device with the intelligent follower one by one to avoid loss, save backend matching machine time, and provide efficient and convenient services.

My first small car(●ˇ∀ˇ●)


“Through this round of course product interaction and scenario design, I have actually gained a deeper understanding of the design concept of “people-oriented”. By imagining and integrating myself into this specific scenario, what products and services would I need? Why is it necessary? In fact, the course didn’t go smoothly at the beginning. At one point, I felt that my plans were not very good because I didn’t put myself in the user’s shoes enough to think from their perspective. What exactly are their needs? However, I have not personally visited Changi Airport, nor have I personally experienced the top-notch world-class services. I can only understand Singapore Changi Airport through desktop research. I hope my product design is in place, and I also hope that one day I can personally experience the service at this airport.

Why did I choose to make this car? Maybe it’s because I have some dreams of becoming a means of transportation. My abilities are not yet outstanding enough to do so well. At least I have worked hard to do it. Mother doesn’t mind her son’s ugliness. Now, while writing the summary, I feel that the results of these past few weeks are also decent. Appreciate for my efforts haha. I would also like to thank FREEZhao for his enthusiastic guidance, which has taught me to keep moving forward and not get lost in a dead end (of course, if time permits, it is also necessary to delve into details). Anyway, it’s about going from place to place, taking advantage of the trial and error costs when you’re still young, trying more, challenging yourself more, and not making yourself too comfortable. I hope I can always maintain a passion for designo ̄▽ ̄)ブ”


Air mattress for babies

Presentation of the design process

Background check: Through investigation, it was found that some passengers have many concerns about carrying babies on airplanes, fearing that it may affect others’ rest. They also need to pay attention to the baby at all times, which is not an easy task. On the official website of Singapore Airlines, it is seen that Singapore Airlines will provide baby sleeping baskets, while Singapore Airlines A350-900 will provide baby sleeping baskets. However, the application requirements for Singapore Airlines baby sleeping baskets are for infants weighing no more than 14kg (regardless of age and height). To some extent, it restricts the use of some infants.

Addressing user pain points → Restricting infant weight and ride time
Ensure safe and comfortable seating for infants → Ensure safe and comfortable use for infants
Convenient installation and storage → Easy to operate and use, compact and easy to store while saving space

1.Modeling: Based on the size of aviation seats, determine the size of product design and use C4D for modeling.
2.Printing and polishing: After 3D printing, adjust the polishing.
3.Painting: Painting and coloring.
4.Accessory production: Trim the seat belt and sew the buckle, trimming the fabric to the corresponding size.
5.Assembly of accessories: Install and paste the accessories and fabric.
When making the model, I initially wanted to use fabric for stitching, but due to limited capabilities, I ultimately chose 3D printing. Due to the stiffness of the 3D printed model, in order to make the material appear softer, some plush fabric was purchased for pasting, making the model look softer and more comfortable.


The different effects of photography and rendering make photography products more realistic and textured, allowing for a more intuitive understanding of the material quality of the product, but also magnifying defects; The rendered product is more exquisite and perfect, with a less realistic texture compared to photography.

The baby inflatable mattress is designed to meet the needs of mothers and babies to better experience and enjoy Singapore Airlines services. Provide users with a comfortable and convenient user experience while ensuring their safety. By using the inflatable material function to make baby inflatable mattresses, a suitable filling has been made according to the size of Singapore Airlines seats, which can make the inflatable mattress safer and more smoothly installed on the seat. There are multiple fixed straps to ensure the safety of baby use. Not only is the installation and operation simple, but also the storage is portable and does not take up space.


Through this lesson, I learned about the design process of a product, from investigating information to analyzing pain points, integrating content through scene environment semantics for design, to the final model production and shooting.
I encountered some difficulties during the model making process and successfully resolved them through multiple attempts. Through this class, I have also deeply realized my own shortcomings and the need to strengthen my software application and observation skills.


Changi Guardian Wristband

Background check::Emergency call services are typically a crucial support measure, especially for travelers with chronic illnesses or special needs. This service can provide immediate assistance to passengers when needed.Based on some reports, it’s noted that the airport lacks emergency equipment for certain special groups beyond disabled individuals, including those with heart conditions, epilepsy, pregnant women, etc. So I want to design a portable emergency call device seems well-suited to address this gap and ensure the safety of passengers in emergency situations.

Presentation of the design process


There are advantages and disadvantages to using ChatGPT and brainstorming solutions, both of which have their own application scenarios. When it comes to quickly acquiring diverse perspectives or inspiring ideas, using ChatGPT is a good choice. However, conceptualizing a plan may require a considerable amount of time and is not suitable for scenarios that require quick access to information or quick text generation. Also, relying on AI can reduce independent thinking time.
The best way may be to combine the two and fully leverage their respective strengths.


Creating images using Midjournal can help quickly gain inspiration and achieve better renderings; But if you need images that closely match your ideas, you may need to constantly change and adjust the password and padding, which requires a lot of time to brainstorm and communicate repeatedly with MJ. The best way may be to combine the two and fully leverage their respective strengths.

1.Modeling: Combining with Midjournal’s images, and then designing according to ChatGPT
2-3. Printing and polishing: After printing the model, it was found that it did not match the size of the hand, and there were no printed parts. Due to the small size of the model, many details were eaten up, so I decided to divide the parts and assemble them. Go back and change the scale again, then print again. Polish with sandpaper and a file, and finally add a little water when polishing with 2000W, making the model more delicate.
4.Spray painting: Due to lack of experience during the first spray painting, the model may have accumulated liquid due to being too close to the paint. It is necessary to apply a small amount of color multiple times and make up the spray multiple times in order to achieve even color distribution.
5-6. Phototherapy oil+UV lamp: Due to issues with 3D printing equipment, the model produced may be relatively rough, and the top cannot be excessively polished because the emergency button I made has a ladder to highlight the button. So I used phototherapy oil to construct the surface, covering the rough texture and creating a smart screen like effect.


Rendered images and photographic images are different in lighting. Rendered images can precisely control the direction, color, and intensity of light, achieving precise illumination of the scene. Rendered images can achieve various virtual lighting and shadow effects, such as soft ambient light, sharp shadows, and realistic reflection and refraction effects. However, photography is limited by the natural light and environmental conditions at the time of shooting, and different times and weather can affect the color and brightness of the photo. Rendered images typically have a stronger visual impact and can present more idealized and artistic effects. More emphasis is placed on expressing realism, able to present color and light and shadow changes in the real world. In terms of model making, the selection of materials and polishing can both affect the final photographic effect, unlike the realistic and perfect rendering.

This product is a smart wristband designed specifically for special groups at Singapore Changi Airport. It aims to enhance passengers’ overall airport experience and sense of security. The emergency call feature enables passengers to quickly contact airport staff in urgent situations, ensuring timely assistance. It also continuously monitors passengers’ health conditions, featuring a stylish and lightweight design, enhancing the wristband’s utility and personalization.


“Designing the Guardian Wristband for Singapore Changi Airport was a challenging yet meaningful task. Through this project, I gained an understanding of diverse passenger needs, particularly the concerns of special groups. To elevate the service standards of Changi Airport, I innovatively integrated emergency calling, health monitoring, and personalized features, creating a safer and more convenient travel experience for passengers.
 In the process of designing the wristband, I considered the needs of special groups such as patients with coronary heart disease, epilepsy, pregnant women, and elderly travelers, aiming to provide tailored services for each passenger. I encountered various challenges in the production process, attempting to transform the model into a physical product ultimately presented through photography.
 The Guardian Wristband for Changi Airport will become a thoughtful companion for travelers. I hope this design enhances the airport’s services, allowing every passenger to feel cared for and secure during their journey, creating beautiful and unforgettable memories.”


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